Turkish Visitors Granted Limited-Access Visa For Visiting 10 Greek Islands Without Schengen Visa!

Gateway to Greek hospitality for Turkish travellers.

by Deeplata Garde
Turkish Visitors Granted Limited-Access Visa For Visiting 10 Greek Islands Without Schengen Visa!

Officials on the picturesque Greek island of Rhodes unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering better relations with Turkey. On Monday, a new vacation visa terminal was inaugurated, representing a diplomatic milestone in easing longstanding tensions between the two nations.

Accessing The Aegean Archipelago Without A Schengen Visa!

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The newly introduced limited-access visa offers Turkish nationals the opportunity to explore ten enchanting Greek islands for up to a week. This initiative eliminates the need for full access to the European Union’s passport-free travel zone, known as the Schengen area, streamlining the travel process for Turkish visitors.

Acknowledging the significance of detente, NATO allies Greece and Turkey embarked on various collaborative endeavours last year. These efforts, aimed at resolving decades-old disputes primarily concerning sea boundaries and mineral rights in the Aegean Sea, have ushered in a renewed focus on trade relations.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Athens in December, where he signed bilateral cooperation agreements with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, signified a pivotal step towards reconciliation. Mitsotakis reciprocates the gesture by planning a visit to Turkey next month.

A Tourism Boost And Economic Impact With Visa For Greek Islands

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Mitsotakis, highlighting the multifaceted benefits of the express visa, emphasized its year-round applicability, aiming to invigorate tourism in regions and during seasons with lower footfall. The streamlined visa process, accessible at participating Greek ports, is poised to stimulate local economies by facilitating tourist influx during off-peak periods.

This new visa, obtainable at the cost of 60 euros, encompasses essential procedures such as passport verification and fingerprint recording. While offering an unparalleled island-hopping experience, visitors under this scheme are restricted from venturing into other EU member states.

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A Diplomatic Win-Win Strategy For Turkey & Greece

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Turkey’s persistent advocacy for relaxed travel regulations for its citizens visiting the EU finds resonance in this collaborative effort. In exchange for cooperation with EU member states, including initiatives to curb illegal immigration, Turkey seeks reciprocal gestures such as streamlined visa procedures.

Tourism stands as a cornerstone of the Greek economy, contributing significantly to its fiscal vitality. Last year alone, Greece welcomed a staggering 32.7 million visitors, generating a substantial revenue of 20.5 billion euros, as per central bank data.

At a time when diplomatic efforts are paramount, the opening of the vacation visa terminal on the Greek island of Rhodes symbolizes a promising step towards fostering amicable relations and promoting cross-cultural exchange between Greece and Turkey.

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