Twitter User Raises ₹1 Lakh To Purchase Bike For Zomato Delivery Boy In Rajasthan

by Suchismita Pal
Twitter User Raises ₹1 Lakh To Purchase Bike For Zomato Delivery Boy In Rajasthan

After losing his job as a teacher during the COVID-19 lockdown, 31-year-old commerce graduate Durga Meena started delivering food in Rajasthan to earn a living. But he did not have a bike to deliver the orders. So, Meena started delivering Zomato orders on a bicycle and was trying to save up to purchase a bike. He makes around ₹10,000/day by delivering 10 to 12 orders. Recently, 18-year-old Aditya Sharma had placed a Zomato order and Meena was assigned to deliver the same. When Sharma saw that Meena drove his bicycle in the scorching heat to deliver the order, he was touched. He went ahead and asked Meena about his background.

Meena Turned Into Zomato Delivery Boy After Losing His Teaching Job Amid Lockdown

Sharma learned that Meena is a B. Com graduate and has started doing food deliveries after losing his teaching job amid lockdown. So, he started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and purchase a bike for Meena. After Sharma shared Meena’s story on Twitter, huge support poured in. In a span of just four hours, Sharma managed to raise ₹75,000. He raised more than  ₹1 lakh through the crowdfunding initiative. Sharma also mentioned in his Twitter post that Meena was speaking with him in English.

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Meena Wants To Pursue A Master’s Degree In Commerce

Sharma wrote on Twitter that Meena has done his bachelor’s degree in commerce. He added that Meena wants to pursue a Master’s degree too. But owing to financial difficulties, he started working with Zomato. Meena also wants to have his own laptop with an internet connection so that he can teach students online. According to Sharma’s post, Meena also has certain loans to repay. So, he used the best use of social media to help out Meena.

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Social media can be a great boon when utilised in the right way. Another example is the story of the viral running boy in Noida aspiring to join the Indian Army.