Two Padmen Distributed Pads To 100 Men On Bangalore Streets; Internet Is Full Of Praises

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Two Padmen Distributed Pads To 100 Men On Bangalore Streets; Internet Is Full Of Praises

Menstruation, or the menstrual period, has so much stigma in society. But thanks to social media and some influencers, menstruation or periods have become way more normal than they were some years ago. Doing something way more hatke this time, digital creator Siddhesh Lokare, along with digital creator Shanky Singh, decided to distribute pads to 100 men on the streets of Bangalore.  

Two Padmen Distributed Pads To Men On Streets Of Bangalore

We all know how menstruation, or periods, as they say, are associated with shame and privacy. Women must have seen shopkeepers giving the packets of pads in a black plastic bag or wrapping them in newspaper when they went to buy them.

So to normalise the act of buying or gifting sanitary napkins to women, these two digital creators, Siddhesh Lokare and Shanky Singh, became “Padmen” and headed out on the streets of Bangalore. 

Armed with sanitary pads, these men went out on a mission with just one question for the other men in society: “Can men normalise buying or gifting sanitary napkins for the women in their lives?”

They randomly asked men if they would like to gift a sanitary napkin to the menstruator of their lives. The response was actually mesmerising as many of these 100 men actually looked at it with complete normalcy. They promptly said yes to it and said how they do not at all mind buying it for the women in their lives.

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A Successful Experiment

Credits: @sidiously/Instagram

One of these men said that buying pads for the women in your life should be generalised just like we buy medicines for our mother and father. Another said that awareness must be created here so that it gets normalised even in the remote areas. 

Siddhesh and Shanky were successful in distributing sanitary pads to about 100 men in Bangalore. Creator Siddhesh mentioned at the end of the video that this experiment “entailed everything like awkwardness, laughter, consensus, respect, and, on the brightest end, sheer okayness from a bunch of these men.”

The two encouraged other men to have open-mindedness towards menstruation because two padmen are not at all enough! 

The video was posted on Instagram, and the comments section was flooded with people showering the two creators with praises. Many users shared stories of how men in their lives never tried to buy them pads and were agitated when asked to. 

We so need men in our lives and around us who do not look at buying pads for the women of their lives as a shameful act and instead be happy to help! More power to you two Padmen and also to all those men who look at this with pure normalcy and care!!

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What are your views on this?

Cover Image Courtesy: @sidiously/Instagram

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