UAE Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi Wishes Oman On National Day With A Pic From Space!

A Special Wish For Oman National Day From UAE!

by Deeplata Garde

On November 18, 2023, Oman marked its 53rd National Day. A jubilant occasion steeped in history and cultural significance celebrated by the locals of the country. This celebration not only commemorates the nation’s liberation from Portuguese colonization in 1650 but also pays tribute to the transformative legacy of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said. He governed Oman from 1970 to 2020. And today on the occasion of 53rd National Day a very special wish was made by Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi from UAE.

National Day Wish From UAE Astronaut


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In a remarkable gesture of solidarity, Sultan Al Neyadi, an esteemed Emirati astronaut, conveyed heartfelt wishes from the International Space Station (ISS). Orbiting the Earth at 7.66 km/s, the ISS serves as a microgravity research laboratory, symbolizing international collaboration. Al Neyadi, the second astronaut from the UAE in space, shared a captivating image of Muscat, Oman’s capital, showcasing the nation’s stunning coastline, buildings and blue waters.

Astronaut’s Salutation


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Al Neyadi, an accomplished individual with a PhD in Information Technology, congratulated Omanis on their National Day. His message echoed admiration for Oman’s progress under Sultan Haitham bin Tariq’s leadership. Al Neyadi highlighted the enduring bonds between the UAE and Oman, underscoring a shared vision for prosperity and cooperation. In a historic achievement, Sultan Al Neyadi, the UAE astronaut, earned his name in history by conducting the inaugural spacewalk for the Arab world in the void of space outside the International Space Station (ISS). Al Neyadi extended Independence Day wishes to India on its 77th anniversary this year by posting a picture of India from space.

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Gratitude and Friendship Between UAE & Oman

Omanis warmly received Al Neyadi’s message, expressing gratitude for his kind words and acknowledging the UAE’s space program achievements. The image of Muscat served as a testament to Oman’s beauty and development, resonating with the spirit of unity that binds the Arab world. This reciprocal appreciation strengthens the profound friendship and cooperation between Oman and the UAE.


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Accompanying his greeting, Neyadi shared a captivating photo of Delhi from space, accompanied by a “namaste” in 11 Indian languages. In the accompanying caption, he conveyed, “Happy Independence Day to all Indians worldwide from the International Space Station! Here’s a snapshot of India’s capital, New Delhi, as seen from space.” This remarkable gesture from the UAE astronaut solidifies his place in space history.  Also, it exemplifies the interconnectedness of nations in the vastness of space.

Oman National Day is a celebration for Omanis, where it shares a moments of gratitude and loyalty across borders. The image from space serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty of our planet. Also don’t forget about the remarkable achievements of humanity. Overall, it’s bridging the gap between nations and fostering a sense of unity and wonder.

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ Sultan Al Neyadi

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