UAE Changes Visit Visa Policy; 3 Month Visa Discontinued For Tourists Unless You Are…

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Changes Visit Visa Policy; 3 Month Visa Discontinued For Tourists Unless You Are…

Recent changes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) visa policies have brought significant alterations to the options available for tourists. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) has officially confirmed the discontinuation of 3-month visit visas, leading to a reshaping of the UAE’s visa landscape.

UAE’s Update on Visit Visas: A Comprehensive Guide

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New Visa Alternatives

Following the discontinuation of the 3-month visit visa, tourists now have two primary choices: the 30-day and 60-day visas. These visas can exclusively be acquired through authorized travel agencies. The ICP introduces a 30-day Tourist Visa priced at Dh410, along with a multiple-entry Tourist Visa, valid for 30 days, for approximately Dh510. Notably, the 30-day multi-entry tourist visa can be extended twice, allowing for a total stay of 90 days.

In the wake of the 3-month visit visa cessation, a special provision has been retained for tourists who share close family ties with Dubai residents. Visitors with first-degree relatives in Dubai can still obtain a 90-day entry permit.

Defining First-Degree Relatives

First-degree relatives encompass parents, siblings, and children. Therefore, if you have a brother, sister, mother, father, son, or daughter who is a Dubai resident or citizen, you are eligible to apply for a 90-day entry permit. But these conditions strictly apply to first degree relatives and no cousins.

Application Procedure

To make use of this special provision, you must furnish proof of your relationship with your first-degree relative residing in Dubai. Acceptable documentation may include birth certificates or other legally recognized records. Once you have assembled all the required documents, the application process can be initiated. Apply through the official UAE government website or via a recognized travel agency.

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Need A Long Term Visa? Try Applying For 5-Year Multiple Entry

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The 5-year multiple entry visa is a tourist visa that offers the flexibility for visitors to enter the UAE multiple times on self-sponsorship, granting a 90-day stay on each visit. It’s worth noting that this visa can be extended for an additional 90 days, allowing for a maximum total stay of 180 days within a year. Importantly, it is open to applicants of all nationalities and is valid for transit through any airport or port of entry in the UAE. The primary objective of this visa is to promote longer and more frequent visits to the country, whether for family, business, or leisure purposes. The cost for a 5-year UAE tourist visa stands at AED 650. Aspiring applicants can acquire this visa by visiting the official website of the ICA. Also, it is advisable to check the website for any potential price adjustments due to updates.

In Conclusion

The discontinuation of the 3-month visit visa signifies a noteworthy modification in the UAE’s visa regulations. However, UAE continues to extend its warm welcome to visitors while ensuring a streamlined visa application process. When planning a trip to the UAE, it’s advisable to keep abreast of the latest visa rules and regulations. This will make your visit smooth and trouble-free.

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