UAE Gets Its First Self-Driven Car – MUSE

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
UAE Gets Its First Self-Driven Car – MUSE

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Soon, you will witness self-driven cars racing UAE’s roads, thanks to W Motors’ new venture. MUSE will make its official appearance at the Auto Shanghai Exhibition 2019, this April. 

What’s It?

We all wish someone could drive our car and we could just put our legs up and relax, don’t we? This will soon be reality in Dubai as W Motors’ has unveiled a fully automated car.

The UAE-based automotive company recently announced the launch of MUSE, a self-driven car which is fully electric and also features a Level 5 autonomous driving system. How fancy is that!

Credits: WMotors Facebook
Credits: WMotors Facebook

UAE’s first fully automated car, MUSE also boasts impressive interiors which cater to the taste of the customer. MUSE made its first appearance at W Motors’ flagship gallery on 13 February. However, the public will get another glimpse of the car at the Auto Shanghai Exhibition 2019, this April. 

W Motors Founder & CEO, Ralph R. Debbas said: “The move from conventional vehicles to electric will happen much sooner than we expect, and we are honoured to be part of this movement – as well as Dubai’s vision for the future of mobility. Autonomous vehicles will change the way we travel and connect with one another, and as a UAE-based company, it is an exciting achievement for us to be leading the way in the region’s development within this sector.”

What Else?

Meanwhile, Dubai is not too far from witnessing flying taxis, and sky pods too! Read on for full details.