UAE Golden Visa: Parents Can Get 10-Year Residency Visa Sponsored On Their Children’s Golden Visa

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Golden Visa: Parents Can Get 10-Year Residency Visa Sponsored On Their Children’s Golden Visa

On October 3, a new, massively enhanced visa programme entered into effect in UAE. It introduced new entry permits and streamlined current choices. It was also a cause for celebration as it stated the sponsorship for parents from their children’s UAE Golden Visa. Let’s check out the details of this new sponsorship for parents for a better understanding of the process.

UAE Golden Visa Of Children Will Grant 10-Year Residency To Parents

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For the parents of a person with a 10-year visa, many job industries have awarded a 10-year Golden Visa. These were previously granted for a year, just like it is for people with regular citizenship. The development was confirmed by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP). The parents of many deserving university graduates who acquired 10-year resident visas last year now enjoy long-term residency.

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What Is Golden Residency?

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Those who are eligible for Golden Residency can apply for a five- to ten-year long-term visa using this programme. The UAE’s new system enables citizens, international expats, and their dependents to live, work, and study there, as well as to potentially obtain long-term citizenship without the requirement for a local sponsor. The residency is also automatically renewed. Additionally, this approach improves the conditions necessary for the nation’s businesses to flourish and thrive.

If you possess UAE Golden Visa, you have the authority to sponsor kids of any age group. Additionally, the department has removed the cap for sponsoring employees using this visa. The baseline monthly salary criterion for long-term residency has been reduced from Dh50,000 to Dh30,000. This will enable more skilled people to apply.

So if you have UAE Golden Visa, you can get your parents to stay with you for a 10-year span in the Emirates without the need for local sponsorship.

News Source: Khaleej Times
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