UAE Has Launched An Unemployment Insurance Scheme: All You Need To Know

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Has Launched An Unemployment Insurance Scheme: All You Need To Know

A setback of negative thoughts always follows in the human mind when it comes to moving out of the homeland. The “what if” can be a reason behind a lot of chaos especially if it’s about job opportunities. However, the UAE unemployment insurance programme may change everything. The UAE unemployment insurance programme has begun to cover employees of federal government agencies and businesses. So save up your overthinking regarding losing your job in UAE.

What Is This New Initiative About?

Employees in the public and private sectors now have access to unemployment insurance thanks to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). Subject to certain terms and restrictions, those who are well-insured against job loss will receive compensation in the form of cash payments for a set period of time until they are able to get new employment.

The employees will receive a maximum of Dh20,000 each month. This will go on for a maximum of three months from the date of unemployment as compensation. This will round off as 60% of the employee’s subscription income. Once the employee accepts a job offer elsewhere, the remuneration will terminate.

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Eligible Employees For UAE Unemployment Insurance

UAE Unemployment Insurance
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The new law affects both employees of the federal government and those working in the private sector.

All employees are simply covered by the programme. The exception is investors (owners of the businesses ), domestic helpers, part-timers, children under the age of 18, pensioners who have started new employment, and domestic help and part-time employees.

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