UAE Passport Becomes The Strongest In The World As Per An Immigration Consultancy Report!

by Anupriya Mishra
UAE Passport Becomes The Strongest In The World As Per An Immigration Consultancy Report!

Travelling to a new country almost always involves a lot of paperwork, appointments with embassy offices, and well, getting all your financial affairs in order. But if your passport is strong enough, then it not only means that you can travel to more countries visa-free but also that it’s economical. Doesn’t it sound like a win-win situation? Well, a matter of pride for Emiratis, the United Arab Emirates passport has snagged the top spot in the latest ranking by a boutique tax and immigration consultancy, Nomad Capitalist. According to this report, the UAE passport allows you to travel to most countries at 181, along with a series of high scores in the other four factors. Here’s more!

UAE Has The Strongest Passport

UAE Passport Top
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In a report submitted by Nomad Capitalist, a boutique tax and immigration consultancy, UAE has emerged at the top of the passport ranking. Yes, this year they have marked the UAE as this year’s highest-ranking passport. To come up to this conclusion, they have taken five major factors into consideration. These include Visa-Free Travel at 50%, Taxation of Citizens at 20%, Perception at 10%, Dual Citizenship at 10%, and Personal Freedom at 10%. Moreover, this index results from the aggregate data of nearly 20 unique sources. Not to mention, it’s based on priorities that the consultancy believes are important to the people of every country.

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Top 25 Strongest Passports

UAE Passport
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While the ranking for every country has been specified on the report with their score on every factor mentioned next to the name. We have listed the top 25 countries with the highest scores below, along with the number of countries whose passports permit travelling visa-free. It’s worth noting that while scores for the other four factors are also given in the report, we’ve just mentioned the number of countries every passport permits its citizens to travel visa-free. Take a look!

  1. United Arab Emirates 181
  2. Luxembourg 174
  3. Switzerland 174
  4. Ireland 173
  5. Portugal 173
  6. Germany 174
  7. Czech Republic 172
  8. New Zealand 173
  9. Sweden 174
  10. Finland 174
  11. Netherlands 174
  12. Norway 173
  13. Iceland 169
  14. Belgium 173
  15. Malta 171
  16. Lithuania 172
  17. Italy 174
  18. Latvia 170
  19. Denmark 173
  20. Slovakia 171
  21. Cyprus 168
  22. Romania 168
  23. South Korea 174
  24. Liechtenstein 169
  25. Croatia 168

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