UAE Promotes Healthier Food Choices And Here’s How

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Promotes Healthier Food Choices And Here’s How

Healthy eating habits are something we don’t promote much in our nations. Abu Dhabi is not on the same track, though. The region believes in its population consuming a healthy and nutritious diet. Hence they have launched a new initiative promoting healthier food choices. The project makes it easier to find natural foods and components in the emirate’s food establishments, including cafes, restaurants, hotels, and grocery and supermarket stores.

ADPHC Encourages Healthier Food Choices

The SEHHI programme by Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre is the initially specialized facility. It will protect the population of Abu Dhabi’s physical, mental, and social well-being. The initiative will promote public and preventative healthcare knowledge. The new industry is consistent with Abu Dhabi’s goal of ensuring that inhabitants live longer, healthier lives by encouraging preventive actions and lowering the chances of lifestyle-associated healthcare issues.


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To guarantee broader reach and impact, three subs have been developed.

1. SEHHI on Healthy Menus,” a programme that uses the SEHHI emblem to identify menu items that are healthy and good sources of fibre, low in calories and salt.

2. The menu will aid with the calorie count of food.

3. SEHHI, for Healthy Groceries and Supermarkets, will help find healthy food and beverage items with ingredients.

This Initiative Is The Foundation Of Healthier And Safer Society

The SEHHI initiative will assist and enable the population to make wise choices around food consumption. ADPHC has assured to target all customer interactions with the SEHHI programme. This programme would promote healthier eating choices. We implore the locals to adopt dietary changes and ensure they get a nutritious diet.

Nutrition unquestionably has a significant impact on lowering the prevalence and economic strain of unhealthy lifestyles and boosting general health. Thus, combining multiple ecosystem contributors’ efforts to guarantee access to nutritious foods and encourage more educated and informed diet habits. The SEHHI program’s introduction aligns with our vision of a healthy, safe society.

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