UAE Residents Can Travel To Other GCC Countries With Their Emirates ID

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Residents Can Travel To Other GCC Countries With Their Emirates ID

Can you imagine travelling aboard without the need of carrying multiple documents and passports? Seems dreamy, isn’t it? But this has turned out to be a reality. Now you can travel internally in UAE displaying just your Emirates ID Card. UAE residents can now skip the hustle of carrying passports to travel the GCC nations. NCEMA was the deciding authority of this declarative.

Travel Made Easy In GCC

The initiative’s sole purpose is to make travelling in GCC more convenient and accessible. Pre-pandemic era demanded a lot of documentation apart from passports due to Covid Safety protocols. Inter-Gulf travel required a visa during Covid. But with the decreasing effects of the Covid cases, UAE has been taking measures to encourage more travel.

Sharjah and Kuwait also presented their confirmation regarding the same rule. Both nations said that their residents will be able to travel inside the GCC using their ID cards and that GCC nationals would be able to access both countries using their national cards.

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Why Is Emirates ID Card SO Important?

The Emirates ID is now an integral component of daily life in the UAE. It not only serves just as evidence of residency but also as a health insurance card. It will soon be a form of travel document as well. Authorities are making a big modification to the card this year. A declaration might be on the way to announce this card as a replacement for visa stickers placed on foreign residents’ passports. The move is another step toward making it easier for people to connect with the government. This goal received a lot of attention in recent years, thanks in part to the release of a new generation of cards in August. Non-visible data and service life of more than ten years are among the new characteristics.

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