UAE Will Not Go Back To Full Lockdown Amid Omicron Scare: Minister

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by Deeplata Garde

Prior to the year 2020, the term “lockdown” was mostly associated with Kanye West’s blockbuster hit song. During the epidemic, however, lockdown forced people all around the world to stay at home in order to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. As the globe adjusts to the “new normal,” the UAE has taken the lead. It has become the first nation to reopen with stringent regulations and safety precautions. A UAE official has reassured the public by saying that the country “would not return to complete lockdown.”

Minister of State for Foreign Trade Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi’s Statement

“The country will focus on its planned COVID testing and immunisation. The goal is to stop the virus from spreading and keep companies and the economy running normally.”

Omicron is considerably less impactful than Delta,” Thani Al-Zeyoudi told Bloomberg, “and even during Delta, we haven’t shut down the nation.”

The UAE Has Seen A Dramatic Increase In Viral Infections In Recent Weeks

The UAE has progressively reintroduced a variety of major events. It ranges from conferences to concerts. The credit goes to the dedication of strong safety procedures. In 2021, the UAE celebrated its Golden Jubilee by enacting a slew of new legislation. It was to bring it in line with the rest of the globe. The changes include new weekends, employment arrangements, and more.

He was referring to Dubai’s economic recovery following the epidemic, and how the city’s authorities are confident about the city’s future commercial goals. This year, the country aims to expand at a rate of 4.2 per cent, aided by a rise in oil prices. As infections grow and the omicron strain spreads, European governments have strengthened viral restrictions.

However, by organising huge conferences, concerts, and events, the UAE has reduced the interruption. The UAE had been able to maintain cases under control for the most part before the advent of the omicron strain. But in recent weeks, new viral cases have soared to almost 2,500 each day.

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