UAEICP Smart App: Cost, Documents And A Step-By-Step Guide To Renewing Your UAE Visit Visa

UAE Visit Visa
by Deeplata Garde

UAE tourists can extend their visit visa without exiting the country. But did you know you can do that by skipping the lengthy process and doing it in an easier way? UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) App has simplified the process of renewing your visit visa. Now, you can extend your UAE Visit Visa by using this smart app and skip physically visiting the centres and standing in long queues.

Extend Or Renew Visa Using The Smart App By UAEICP

Tourists from the UAE may stay in the nation for a maximum of 60 days to extend the validity of their visit visa. However, fines will be imposed on people who do not extend their tourist visas in accordance with the guidelines established by the .

Therefore, to avoid the fine, you may simply download this savvy app by UAEICP and complete the steps to obtain your extended visit visa, just from the ease of your home or any other convenient space. The app is available on Google Play, Apple Store and Huawei Store.

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Documents & The Renewal Process Of UAE Visit Visa

UAE Visit Visa

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According to the ICP government website, the only document required is a passport copy to extend your UAE visit visa. The passport copy must have a validity of 6 months.

The renewal can be done in just  4-steps. Let’s understand how to apply for an extension of the visa.

1. Register
Click on the Public Visa services to reach the registration. Then select Extension of Current Visa

2. Apply For Renewal
Fill in the details asked (passport information and more)

3. Pay The Fees
Preferably credit card

4. Extend Your UAE Visit Visa

Now the process is simple and you can easily carry out the transaction of the requested fees as well. The fee structure changes depending on the number of days you extend your visa.

1. 30 Days

Request fee: 100AED
Issuance fee: 500 AED
E-Services Fee: 10 AED

Total– 610 AED

2. 60 Days

Request fee: 50AED
Issuance fee:  200 AED
E-Services Fee: 10 AED

Total– 260 AED

3. 90 Days

Request fee: 100AED
Issuance fee: 400 AED
E-Services Fee: 10 AED

Total: 510 AED

The above-mentioned cost, steps and document are in accordance with the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security(ICP) website.

So if you apply for a renewal/extension of a visit visa using the UAEICP smart app you can follow this guide.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva Stock Images