UAE’s 5-Year-Old Multi-Entry Visa In Demand As Residents Seek To Ease Travel For Parents

by Deeplata Garde
UAE’s 5-Year-Old Multi-Entry Visa In Demand As Residents Seek To Ease Travel For Parents

Enhancement of the UAE’s standing as a worldwide economic hub is a required effort which is crucial for His Highness. Hence he keeps announcing several reforms in the system. The 5-Year-Old Multi-Entry Visa is another initiative of this plan. For those unaware, this visa enables visitors from all over the world to visit the UAE several times within five years for up to 90 days each.

Demand Rise For 5-Year-Old Multi-Entry Visa

Frequent travellers are finding it more convenient to have this visa. The process is simple to apply hence attracting many tourists. The Abu Dhabi resident Taanya Ilyas was relieved with this new visa reform introduced in the system. Like many other residents, she had her parents visit her several times over a few years. And arranging for a visa every time for them made it challenging. With this 5-Year-Old Multi-Entry Visa, tourists can enter the UAE on their multiple times and stay there for 90 days each time. That means no more sponsorship required.


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The documentation is quite simple to achieve this visa. Display the necessary bank balance, travel insurance, and three-month stay documentation.

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Now Visit UAE With Self-Sponsorship

The comprehensive visa reforms were unveiled by the UAE earlier this year to entice more talent to the country. With the visa, travellers can visit the UAE on their own and stay for 90 days each time.

According to the authorities, the visa enables families living abroad to visit their loved ones in the UAE more frequently. The multiple entry visa applicant must submit specific paperwork, such as a bank statement from the previous six months showing a balance of $4,000 or its broadly similar foreign currencies. You will also require to present UAE health insurance, a copy of the flight ticket, and documentation of residence, such as an invitation letter from a friend or relative.

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