UAE’s Space Tourist Is Back From His 10-Minute Trip & Here’s Is Experience

by Deeplata Garde
UAE’s Space Tourist Is Back From His 10-Minute Trip & Here’s Is Experience

Every one of us at some point in our lives wishes to travel to space. Some lucky and few hardworking people even manifest this dream into reality. Just like them Hamish Harding, a UAE expat fulfilled his desire of travelling through space. The space tourist relished his 10 min space travel on 4th June. The space tourist described the beauty of the universe he enjoyed through this one-of-its-kind travel experience.

Space Tourist In UAE

A British adventurer always desired to launch from a UAE spaceport one day. Finally, the space tourist completed his target of flying to the edge of space on a Blue Origin voyage on Saturday.

Hamish Harding, 50, has lived in the UAE for over a decade and says he wants to see the country develop a robust space tourism business. From space, the world appears to be breathtakingly lovely. The boundaries are not apparent from the vantage point. It was just one giant planet that was amusing for him.

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Playing With Zero Gravity

Harding was one of six team members who boarded the plane. For Instagram, they did a few summersaults. It was an extremely enjoyable experience. However, past astronauts had warned them against wasting time in zero gravity. The space tourist careful preparation helped him remain calm during the flight. If things don’t go as planned, the plunge could get perilous.

Hamish started the training Blue Air flight crew only two months ago. The space tourism corporation was already in talks with UAE officials about establishing a spaceport.

During a meeting last year, the Ministry of Economy and Blue Origin agreed to look into the possibilities to establish a space tourism business in the UAE. They stated that it would include spaceports.

To expand its influence in the Middle East, Blue Origin recruited AzurX. This was a Dubai-based advising and investment firm, as its regional consultant. Mr Harding travelled to Blue Origin’s planned space station, Orbital Reef, from a UAE spaceport one day, in addition to embarking on suborbital trips.

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