Uber Charges Noida Man ₹3000 For 45km Ride; Man Gets Refund Due To GPS Errors

by Sanjana Shenoy
Uber Charges Noida Man ₹3000 For 45km Ride; Man Gets Refund Due To GPS Errors

How’d you feel if a simple cab ride from the airport to your home would cost you a whopping ₹3000? Well, that might be almost as expensive as your flight ticket. Perhaps the flight should have landed at your home itself. If only you could build a runway. Well, jokes apart. A Noida resident was charged ₹3000 for a cab ride from Delhi airport to his home. Read on to know what happened.

Uber Bills Noida Man ₹2,935 For Cab Ride Mistakenly

Debarshi Dasgupta, a Noida resident took to social media to share his experience of taking an Uber from Terminal 2 of Delhi airport to his residence in Noida. He revealed that Uber showed the booking amount as ₹1,143. So, he booked the ride. Hallway to Jaipur, he was billed for 146.39 km. Finally when he reached his home in Greater Noida, Uber billed him a whopping ₹2,935 for the cab.

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Refunds Excess Amount After He Goes Public

Debarshi took to social media to complain about Uber’s service. He revealed in the thread that Uber needs to work on their complaint redressal system. Uber replied to his complaint and called the issue a GPS error. The cab aggregator company refunded the excess amount to Debarshi’s account. While the man was thankful to Uber for correcting this issue, he was disappointed that the corrective measure happened after he went public against Uber. And this didn’t happen by following the customer support system.