Uber Deal, Drones & More; Here Are Few Latest Updates About Etihad Rail

by Deeplata Garde
Uber Deal, Drones & More; Here Are Few Latest Updates About Etihad Rail

The UAE Network’s construction is now entirely finished, and business activities have formally begun. Etihad Rail’s goods services are currently fully functioning, as we are all aware. However, we are interested in learning more about this forthcoming Middle Eastern rail system. Here are some recent developments on Etihad Rail.

Uber Partners With Etihad

The UAE National Rail Network’s creator and operator, Etihad Rail, and the ride-hailing service Uber has reached a preliminary understanding to work together on enhancing the nation’s passenger transport alternatives and exchanging information concerning mobility in order to improve the market.

In accordance with the agreement made at the Middle East Rail event last week, they will work to improve first and last-mile efforts and broaden services throughout the UAE.

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Utilization Of Drones For Freight Inspection

Because they are so expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous for the persons involved, traditional asset inspection methods have lost their relevance in the modern environment. Without endangering human life, drones can gather reliable inspection data in less time. Different players in the industry in the GCC may employ different kinds of applications.

The Middle East Rail Exhibition and Conference hosted another futuristic technology moment. In order to inspect its goods services, Etihad Rail has declared that it will use drone technology. With Skygo, a business that specialises in drone freight operations, Etihad Rail executed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Building Bridges For The Etihad Rail

The Al-Bithnah Bridge, the tallest railway bridge in the United Arab Emirates, serves as a reminder of the tremendous difficulties this massive undertaking encountered. This, the tallest railway bridge in the UAE, appears even more majestic when set against the gorgeous Fujairah mountain range.

Abu Dhabi’s Al Maha Forest also has a bridge built across the area. It is also home to a variety of species. The Railway has taken action to safeguard and preserve the UAE’s diverse natural heritage as a component of our ongoing dedication to being a good neighbour.

There are many updates yet to come regarding this railway system that is rising at a quick speed. Let’s wait for more such updates regarding Etihad Rail.

Cover Image Courtesy: Etihad Rail