Uber Green: Now Hail An EV Right Outside The Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2

by Shreya Ghosh
Uber Green: Now Hail An EV Right Outside The Mumbai International Airport Terminal 2

There’s no denying that sustainable transportation is going to be a huge market in the future. It is already increasing so rapidly now with people being more concerned about nature. Uber Technologies took a remarkable step by launching its flagship electric vehicle (EV) service. The company made the grand announcement on Thursday in Mumbai. Say hello to “Uber Green”, the transport company’s newest launch in India.

Uber Green Is All Set To Provide The Utmost Experiences To The Passengers!

Uber India took to its official Twitter account (@Uber_India) to share some glimpses from the incredible launch at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. The airport is currently the first place from where people can avail of this new transportation service.

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With this flagship electric vehicle product, people can now enjoy “reliable, affordable, and environmentally mindful transportation” starting from the Terminal 2 of the Mumbai international airport. This eco-friendly beginning is surely a huge step taken by the company to work toward building an environment of sustainable transportation in India.

You Can Avail Of The Cab Services On-Demand

At the present moment, the services are available in Mumbai on-demand. To enjoy these eco-friendly electric rides with Uber Green, you can simply book on the application. The cabs will pick up the passengers from a specific pick-up point at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Terminal 2 and some other places as well. Uber stated this green ride facility can be availed by people travelling to and from the international airport.

Every ride on these electric vehicles will be contributing toward a greener future and decrease carbon emissions in nature.

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How Can You Book An Uber Green Ride?

If you are wondering how to book a ride on this latest flagship EV product, here are all the details for you. The steps are very simple and quite similar to how you usually book an Uber ride.

  • Start the process by opening the Uber application and adding your destination.
  • The second step is the most important one as you will need to click on the “Uber Green” option here.
  • Complete all these steps and get to know the cost of the ride too.
  • Lastly, end your booking procedure by clicking on the “Confirm Green” option.

Your Uber Green ride will be booked in just some time.

Mumbaikars, are you ready to experience this sustainable mode of transportation?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Uber India (@Uber_India)