Uber Group Rides Feature: Travelling With Your Friends Has Got Cheaper & Hassle-Free!

Uber Group Rides
by Shreya Ghosh

Have you ever taken a Uber ride with several people at once? It is a major task for a group to ride in a cab from different locations. And of course, the surge in price is a concern as well. To solve all such issues, Uber introduced the new ‘Group Rides’ feature in India on 22 August. With this grand launch, travelling with your friends is all set to get more convenient and hassle-free.

Here’s All You Need To Know About Uber’s Group Rides Feature:

Uber Group Rides

Picture credit- Canva

This new launch by the company now allows all the users to use a messaging app and invite other friends to join the ride. Riders can avail of this feature and share it with a maximum of 3 other people. Also, everyone’s destination needs to be the same to be able to use the Group Rides feature. All they need to do is share all the details of the journey with their companions using the messaging app and invite them to join the ride.

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Each one of the riders is able to include their pickup locations on this ride, according to a report by MoneyControl. After the driver picks up everyone from the mentioned locations, they will be taken to their ultimate destination. Uber stated in a press release that the Groups Feature aims to decrease traffic congestion en route. Not just this, but this is also an advantage for riders planning to travel somewhere with other companions. This can be a major help when people are travelling in groups as all of them can now travel together in a cab conveniently.

Save Some Money With This Feature

Uber Group Rides

Picture credit- Canva

Well, there’s more in store for Uber users. Along with the intention to decrease traffic and individual vehicles, the new feature can be quite helpful to enjoy a cheaper ride as well. Uber recently stated that the new feature provides the potential scope to save as much as 30 per cent while travelling with a group of 3 other riders. With groups getting the chance to travel together conveniently, the number of individual vehicles is also expected to decrease to some extent. This can also be a great contribution towards helping nature.

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Are you ready to travel with your friends?

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