Uber’s New App Feature Will Allow You To Sync Your Ride According To Flight Timing

by Tooba Shaikh
Uber’s New App Feature Will Allow You To Sync Your Ride According To Flight Timing

Uber is a well-known application globally, that people across the world use to travel from point A to point B. Its use is very prolific in India as well. Recently, the cab-calling application released a new feature that will prove useful for many who frequently travel by flight and find it difficult to book a cab last minute. Uber’s new app feature will allow passengers to pre-book their cabs in sync with their flight timings.

Uber’s New App Feature Allows Riders To Sync Their Cabs With Their Flights

Flying itself can be very stressful. The threat of mismanaging your time and not being able to catch your flight is real. Trying to book cabs last minute is an added hassle. Keeping such difficulties in mind, Uber has a new app feature.

This feature allows riders to not only pre-book their cabs but also, have their cab timings synced with their flight timings. According to the article by Business Insider, the novel feature assists riders book cabs with pre-filled dates and times on their apps.

This will spare the riders the hassle of last-minute bookings. Furthermore, this feature of the app is an opt-in feature which means that users have the option to not access this feature as well. Since this feature requires email integration, it requires the users to grant the app permission to access their email accounts.

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Better Time-Management For Drivers As Well

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This new app feature will allow users to better manage their time, reach the airport at an appropriate hour and catch flights without much hassle on their part. This will also reduce the panic of not finding rides to airports last minute.

What is more, this app will also allow drivers to manage their time better as their earnings and rides for a certain time period in a day will be fixed. This will help them organise their trips and allow them to better manage their day.

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What do you think about this new feature? Will it help you better plan your journey? Let us know in the comments below!

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