UK Foreign Office Warns Travellers About Portugal Forest Fires; Issues Advisory

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
UK Foreign Office Warns Travellers About Portugal Forest Fires; Issues Advisory

UK Foreign Office issues a fresh advisory to all the travellers travelling to Portugal. They are warned to travel to the country as it is at high risk of forest fires. Many parts of the country have already been tagged under high risk due to the temperature. The office has warned travellers to make sure that if they are travelling to this country, they must check the precautions advised. 

UK Foreign Office Warns Travellers Travelling To Portugal

The latest advice by the UK Foreign Office stated that there is an intense risk of forest fires in Portugal. This is because the weather there is hot and dry. It also mentioned that some parts have already been named as high risk. 

They said that forest fires can occur anywhere and anytime in the country. This has become very much frequent in the country due to high temperature and drought conditions. It also mentioned that forest fires are highly unpredictable as well as dangerous. 

The advisory warned people that the authorities of Portugal might close the roads and also evacuate areas keeping the forest fire in mind. It also stated that people travelling to this country must familiarise themselves with local safety, emergency procedures and follow the advice of the authorities. (As per The Northern Echo)

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Travellers Might Experience Delays

UK Foreign Office mentioned that causing forest fires even unintentionally is a crime in Portugal. Other than forest fires, the advisory also talks about industrial actions and restrictions related to coronavirus. 

Over the Easter holiday, travellers might experience travel delays due to a strike by immigration officers nationwide.

It’s crucial to be aware of any remaining coronavirus travel limitations when visiting Portugal. If you have been given a respiratory disease diagnosis, the regional health authority in Madeira advises using a face covering in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes. (As per Liverpool Echo)


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Make sure you read the advisory and follow it. Stay safe!

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