Unconscious Man Drives Car For 25km Down The Road In A Shocking Incident

by Vinita Jain
Unconscious Man Drives Car For 25km Down The Road In A Shocking Incident

On August 14th, a driver on the road to Leuven, Belgium, was shocked to find that a driver behind the wheel had passed out. Yes, he saw that an unconscious man fell into his car seat while holding the steering wheel and drove the car for 25 km. Clearly, he wasn’t able to stop the vehicle immediately but fortunately, the witnesses alerted the police about his location.

The Vehicle Had Its Cruise Control On

Fortunately, the vehicle’s cruise control and lane departure warning system kept that man on the road. Amazingly, his car drove at least 25 km while he was completely unconscious. Other drivers who were on the road said the car was moving at a constant pace and drifting down the lane from left to right.

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Authorities Stopped the Car

When authorities took over the car, Renault Clio finally stopped, they found the 41-year-old driver unconscious while still behind the wheel. So, he was immediately taken to the hospital and tested for alcohol and drugs. Although the results of the tests are still unknown. It is believed that the man began his journey in Genk, and at 9:00 AM approx. he passed out.

Authorities speculate that the car’s lane departure warning system and cruise control were activated after the driver lost consciousness. Lane Assist keeps the car in the center of its lane even if it veers off course. Cruz his control, on the other hand, kept the car’s speed steady and constant. It was the technology that saved this man’s life.

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Automotive Technology Can Save Lives If Drivers Know How To Use It

To make driving safer for both young and old, automakers are looking for vehicle technologies that can help reduce the high accident and fatality rates for these people.

  • Blind spot detection systems are being installed in more and more cars these days.
  • The car brakes automatically. If someone shoots in front of your car, or if you’re driving down the highway and suddenly get stuck in traffic, it can literally be a lifesaver.
  • A backup camera is great for when you’re out of your driveway and live on a busy street.
Picture Credit: pixabay

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