Sip & Savour These 11 Unique Coffees In Mumbai To Bring A Bold & Innovative Caffeine High

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Sip & Savour These 11 Unique Coffees In Mumbai To Bring A Bold & Innovative Caffeine High

Caffeine has the power to charge energy through our veins and make us function like sane human beings. But just because coffee is seen as an energizer, it needn’t be disguised in the form of a drab-looking cup of black coffee. Luckily for us, coffee comes in a wide variety which means that we can make it and enjoy it however we please. Extra sugar, yes, please! More milk, why not? Espresso, latte and cappuccinos aside there’s a whole world of enjoying coffee out there and we set out to find just that. Being such a big city, Mumbai never disappoints and we found ourselves with some really unique coffees. Here’s taking a look at the ones that made the cut.

1. Rose Turmeric Latte At Coffee By Di Bella

Coffee By Di Bella offers a delightful twist with their Rose Turmeric Latte. This coffee creation combines the warm and earthy flavours of turmeric with the delicate floral notes of rose. The latte is likely to be a comforting and aromatic experience, perfect for those seeking a unique and soothing coffee option.

Where: Juhu, Mumbai
When: 8 am – 1:30 am
Cost: ₹600 (For two)

2. Cafe Hazelnut At Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture presents Cafe Hazelnut, a coffee drink that tantalises the taste buds with the nutty richness of hazelnut. This aromatic beverage combines freshly brewed coffee with creamy hazelnut syrup, creating a delightful fusion of flavours that coffee enthusiasts are sure to enjoy.

Where: Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, Mumbai
When: 11 am – 11 pm
Cost: ₹1,400 (For two)

3. Cherry Coconut Latte At KC Roasters


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When talking about unique coffees in Mumbai, don’t look beyond the Cherry Coconut Latte at KC Roasters. They take the old-school road and sweeten it with jaggery, which is a healthier alternative to sugar, and with the added hint of coconut and cherry, it makes for a refreshing brew.

Where: Khar, Mumbai
When: 7:30 am – 9:30 pm
Cost: ₹600 (For two)

4. Iced Cinnamon Coco Protein Coffee With Coconut Mylk At The Pantry

If you, like us, love organic produce and protein, then you will definitely find yourself becoming a fan of the Iced Cinnamon Coco Protein Coffee With Coconut Mylk at The Pantry. The super healthy beverage makes for a fun alternative to a plain old protein shake.

Where: Fort, Mumbai
Cost: ₹400 (For two)

5. Mint Mocha At Love & Latte

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If there was ever a combination that sounded weird but tasted brilliant, it’s mint and chocolate. Reminiscent of a piece of After Eight, the Mint Mocha at Love & Latte is one of the zingiest coffees we have tasted. It would be fair to say that we can easily have 4-5 of these in a go. And while we are at it, they also make a really good Butter Rum Latte.

Where: Andheri Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai
When: 8 am – 1 am
Cost: ₹700 (For two)

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6. Mandarin Espresso Mocktail At Cafe Coffee Day

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Cafe Coffee Day introduces the Mandarin Espresso Mocktail, a refreshing and invigorating coffee mocktail. This unique concoction features a blend of fresh mandarin juice, bold espresso, and a hint of sweetness. The result is a zesty and uplifting coffee experience that perfectly balances flavours.

Where: Churchgate, Mumbai
When: 8 am – 12 am
Cost: ₹750 (For two)

7. Ginger Turmeric Espresso Tonic At Zen Cafe


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Zen Cafe offers a distinctive coffee experience with its Ginger Turmeric Espresso Tonic. This invigorating beverage combines the bold flavours of espresso with the warmth of ginger and the earthy notes of turmeric. The tonic is likely to provide a refreshing and aromatic pick-me-up that is both energising and soothing.

Where: Fort, Mumbai
When: 8:45 am – 10 pm
Cost: ₹950 (For two)

8. Jaago At Subko


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Subko introduces “Jaago,” a unique coffee creation that brings together the Jaggery + Oats goodness. This aromatic blend promises a delightful and harmonious balance of flavours that pay homage to coffee cultures.

Where: Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai
When: 7:30 am – 10 pm
Cost: ₹1,000 (For two)

9. Affagato Coffee At 1BHK


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1BHK takes coffee to a new level with Affogato Coffee. This Italian-inspired dessert coffee pairs a shot of rich, bold espresso with a scoop of decadent ice cream or gelato. The combination of hot and cold, bitter and sweet, makes for a delightful treat that satisfies both coffee and dessert cravings.

Where: Oshiwara, Andheri West, Mumbai
When: 12 pm – 12 am
Cost: ₹1,900 (For two)

10. Vietnamese Iced Coffee At Grandmama’s Cafe


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Grandmama’s Cafe brings a taste of Vietnam to Mumbai with its Vietnamese Iced Coffee. This unique coffee is prepared with strong Vietnamese coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and plenty of ice. The result is a rich and creamy coffee with a sweet twist that makes it a perfect choice for a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day.

Where: Juhu, Mumbai
When: 11 am – 12 am
Cost: ₹1,400 (For two)

11. Cortado At Birdsong Cafe

Birdsong Cafe offers a Cortado, a small and strong coffee with a balanced ratio of espresso and steamed milk. This Spanish-inspired coffee is known for its smooth and velvety texture, making it an ideal option for those who prefer a bolder coffee experience with a touch of milk.

Where: Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
When: 9 am – 10:30 pm
Cost: ₹1,900 (For two)

Explore new depths of caffeine with these unique coffees in Mumbai!

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