United Airlines Flight Emits Spark In Concerning Video; Makes Emergency Landing

by Shreya Ghosh
United Airlines Flight Emits Spark In Concerning Video; Makes Emergency Landing

Just the thought of any disturbance on an ongoing flight sends chills down our spine. Only thinking about it makes us terrified and shivering. Unfortunately, something scary happened to a United Airlines flight that left everyone in shock. During an ongoing journey in the air, the plane started sparking and the video shocked the entire Internet. We can only imagine a bit of what the passengers felt.

United Airlines Flight Expelled Sparks And Debris In The Air

Flight number UAL149 of United Airlines taking off from the Newark Liberty International Airport was recently seen emitting sparks and debris while being in the air. A video of this horrifying situation went viral on social media and it can be seen that the Boeing 777 started emitting sometime after departing from the airport. The flight took off at 23:24 local time on 21 September, Wednesday.

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The flight was on its way to fly to Sao Paulo International Airport but unfortunately had to make an emergency landing. It returned back to the Newark Liberty International Airport due to the sparking incident. At around 01:00, it returned to the airport, after one hour and a half. To control the sudden emission of sparks and debris, the pilots of the United Airlines flight entered a holding pattern over the Atlantic Ocean. And then they flew towards Newark Liberty International Airport for the emergency landing. Check out the concerning video here.

Someone on the ground noticed the situation and captured a video of it. The video clearly shows how the flight was sparking and it felt like the plane was emitting from a point near the engine. And when it comes to the debris, there are no confirmed reports on that.

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Some Details About The Flight:

  • It was a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 registered N787UA flight.
  • United Airlines shared with Simple Flying that the plane carried 256 passengers.
  • The passengers were rerouted using other flights.
  • They also shared that the sparks and debris were a result of some problems with the hydraulic pump.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ AeroXplorer