UP Man Fined For Not Wearing Helmet While Driving A Car

by Sanjana Shenoy
UP Man Fined For Not Wearing Helmet While Driving A Car

One of the most intelligent road safety advertisements was of Lord Ganesha holding a helmet. The sign stated ‘He Might Get A Replacement But You Won’t. So Wear A Helmet’. But no matter how many creative advertisements are put out there in broad daylight, you still end up spotting many people swishing away on the roads without wearing helmets. To curb this very menace in India, the amended Motor Vehicles Act was implemented in September 2019. With every new change in society, comes a sprinkle of goof-ups, so in a bizarre incident, an Uttar Pradesh man was fined for not wearing a helmet while driving a car.

Picture Credits: newsnation.in

What’s In It?

Prashant Tiwari of Manna Gaon in Hamirpur was quite surprised to get an e-challan on his phone for not wearing a helmet while driving his four-wheeler. The RTO informed the Uttar Pradesh resident that he had been fined ₹500 for diving his Mahindra Bolero car sans helmet on 30th November last year. Traffic police had gotten very strict and heavily fined people who violated traffic norms. Maybe they took the helmet rule, too far.

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In a similar case, in August last year, Piyush Varshney from Aligarh had also been challaned ₹500 for the same reason- not wearing a helmet while driving his car. No amount of protests could make the cops see his point. So the poor man started wearing a black helmet every day while he drove around in his four-wheeler. Did you know Mumbai Traffic Signals To Get Decibel Meters; More Honking Will Increase Waiting Time?

Picture Credits: news18.com

What’s More?

Apart from these helmet-in-car cases, there have been other bizarre incidents that have occurred over the past few months. A person from Greater Noida was issued 2 challans on his phone for the same traffic violation within a span of 1 minute. The cost of challans seem to have skyrocketed faster than house rents, a truck driver was charged a whopping ₹59,000 and a scooter rider was charged ₹23,000 for a traffic violation. These heavy fines imposed by traffic cops are supposed to make people stay on their toes when it comes to following traffic rules. But when weird goof-ups happened, you can’t help but think ‘A Helmet A Day Keeps The Challan Away’.