US Embassy’s VFS Global Customer Service Centre Will Be Temporarily Closed On These Dates

by Shreya Ghosh
US Embassy’s VFS Global Customer Service Centre Will Be Temporarily Closed On These Dates

Are you planning to work on your US visa application and contact VFS Global in the next few days? If yes, then you may need to change your plans and dates. Recently, the visa application service provider for the US Embassy made an announcement of the closing of their services for a short period of time. During this temporary shutdown, several kinds of services will be paused.

US Embassy Of India Shared The Details Of This Shutdown Recently

Taking to the Twitter platform, U.S. Embassy India (@USAndIndia) announced the necessary information about the customer service center. Here are all the crucial points to remember.

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  • US Embassy stated that VFS Global will be closing the visa application procedures for three days.
  • Starting on 12 July and continuing till 14 July, there will be no calls, fee payments, and appointment booking on these days.
  • Following this temporary shutdown, VFS Global will resume all its application processes from 15 July 2023.

Here’s Why VFS Global Is Putting A Pause To Its Operations:

US Embassy stated in the tweet that the customer service center is migrating to a new platform. And this migration is the reason behind the 3-day-long closure.

VFS Global
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Also, US Embassy has shared a new email address for all the visa applicants out there. If anyone wants to connect with the VFS customer service center, the new email id is Starting from 15 July, applicants can reach out to the US Embassy’s VFS Global customer service center in India using this mail address.

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If you are not aware about the services provided by VFS Global, here are some important points to know about it.

  • The company is known as the biggest outsourcing and technology services provider all around the world for governments and diplomatic missions.
  • This is the one-stop company to contact for administrative and non-discretionary tasks regarding visas and passports.
  • Visa applicants of this company’s client governments can avail of these services.

Share this story with all the US visa applicants out there. Also, have you ever contacted VFS Global for something related to passports and visas? If yes, how were your experiences?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva