US Man Tries To Quarantine On A Private Disney Island

by Sanjana Shenoy
US Man Tries To Quarantine On A Private Disney Island

This lockdown has left many people looking for creative or rather criminally insane ways to spend their time in isolation. While reports spring up of many foolish ways of being arrested during this lockdown period, there are also some who, ignoring any boundaries seek out their paradise. A man from the USA was caught trying to self isolate on the private Disney island closed for the public, but he was later arrested.

US Man quarantines Disney Island
Picture Credis: Alex Menendez

What’s In It?

One US citizen, Richard McGuire was arrested for trespassing and camping on a shuttered Disney island which, according to Richard was a ‘tropical island’. It is to be noted that this Disney park in question, has been shut since 1999. Upon arrest, the 42-year-old man told the Orange County sheriff’s deputies that he has been living on Disney’s Discovery Island for over two days and was planning to camp there for a week.

Picture Credits: Orange County Sheriff’s Department

This arrest took place after some Disney officials saw Richard on a motorboat heading towards the island. Shortly after, numerous deputies were deployed on foot, by boat, and by air to search for McGuire, who happened to be sleeping during the search operation. However, McGuire has informed the deputies that he didn’t know the island was a restricted area despite numerous ‘no trespassing’ signs all around the place. According to the arrest report, “Richard stated that he was unaware of that and that it looked like a tropical paradise”.

US Man quarantines Disney Island
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What’s More?

The arrest report further adds that Orange County Marine deputies used a public address system to tell McGuire that he wasn’t allowed to stay on the island. However, he didn’t take the warnings seriously and remained on the island. This island in question is Disney’s Discovery Island, previously called Treasure Island, which has been closed to the public since 1999. This island used to be known for hosting animal and fauna attractions, including a wide species of exotic birds. That zoological park closed to the public in 1999, according to the Associated Press. Amid the lockdown, A Grandpa Recreates Disney’s A Small World Ride To Cheer Grandkids Amid Lockdown