US Restaurant Asks S Jaishankar For COVID Vaccine Certificate And Here’s What Happens Next

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
US Restaurant Asks S Jaishankar For COVID Vaccine Certificate And Here’s What Happens Next

India has always seen behind with respect to development and growth. India has all the potential in the world and all it needs is a good leader. But slowly and steadily India is getting there. But the truth is that India has come a long way and we do not realise that. In a similar situation, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar too realised the same. He went to a restaurant in US and here is what happened next

Digitised Version Of Vaccination Certificate

Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar recently uploaded a video where he discusses a trip he had with his son in the US. He narrates the whole incident in the video. He and his son, in 2021, when the restrictions related to Covid-19 were still existing. He spoke about him going to eat in a restaurant with his son who lives in America. He said that he went to this restaurant with his son and the restaurant asked them to produce their vaccination certificate. His son pulled out the paper from his pocket while Jaishankar showed it from his mobile. Just at the very moment, Jaishankar realised that he produced a digitised certificate while his son being in London produced a physical one, thanks to the Cowin portal. 

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India’s Covid-19 Portal – Cowin

The primary goal of the Cowin portal  according to Jaishankar, is to ensure that everyone has their vaccination certificate on their phone. In a message to all vaccine providers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised their efforts as India reached the COVID-19 immunisation milestone of giving 200 crore doses to its citizens. According to Modi, India’s accomplishment in upholding its commitment throughout a crisis following the pandemic outbreak will make future generations proud. A nationwide vaccination verification app in the US has been rejected by the Joe Biden administration. To put it another way, Americans continue to use paper.

Pic Credits: The Economic Times

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