US Teacher Grows The World’s Heaviest Pumpkin Weighing 1,247 Kg; Sets New World Record. Watch!

by Shreya Rathod
US Teacher Grows The World’s Heaviest Pumpkin Weighing 1,247 Kg; Sets New World Record. Watch!

We are used to seeing a regular-sized pumpkin. But did you know that a horticulture teacher in the US has grown the World’s heaviest pumpkin? And are you aware of its weight? A new World record has been set with the heaviest pumpkin weighing 1,247 kg!

New World Record: World’s Heaviest Pumpkin Weighs 1,247 Kg!

The world record for the heaviest pumpkin was recently broken by Travis Gienger, a dedicated horticulture teacher from Anoka, Minnesota, who weighed an astounding 1,247 kilogrammes. This outstanding accomplishment took place at the 50th World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off, which was held in Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco.

His record-breaking pumpkin could produce a mind-boggling 687 pies. And, it is evidence of his skill and tender care in raising this enormous gourd. The 43-year-old teacher, who has nearly three decades of pumpkin-growing experience, expressed his surprise at winning. Notably, just the previous year, he had established a new US record for growing a massive pumpkin.

In fact, he gave his enormous pumpkin a loving name, “Michael Jordan,” in commemoration of the year 2023 and respect of the illustrious basketball player.

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Won An Award Of $30,000

In his teenage years, Travis Gienger developed a fascination for cultivating pumpkins after being inspired by his father’s gardening activities. This year, he decided to give his pumpkin patch more attention, giving his plants up to 12 daily waterings and additional nutrients.

He first competed in the Half Moon Bay weigh-off in 2020 and has since won three of the city’s most recent four big pumpkin competitions. Further, the teacher expressed his satisfaction with his accomplishment. According to him, he put in the work so that he could put a smile on people’s faces!

Also, he was awarded a sizable $30,000 prize for his extraordinary feat of cultivating the biggest pumpkin in history. And for breaking previous records! Up to the city’s Art and Pumpkin Festival, the enormous pumpkin will be displayed in Half Moon Bay among the three runners-up.

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According to Guinness World Records, an Italian farmer previously claimed the title. And had grown the heaviest pumpkin, weighing 1,226 kilograms, in 2021.

Cover Image Courtesy:@hmbpumpkinfest/ Instagram

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