US Visa Appointments For Indian Students To Open Mid-May

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
US Visa Appointments For Indian Students To Open Mid-May

As the world and travel are slowly and steadily getting back on track. Students who wished to study abroad but couldn’t owing to the deadly virus have now applied for the same with high hopes. This year the embassy came up with certain rules so that the visa approvals are fair to all. The latest news in this series is that the US Embassy in Delhi stated that the visa interviews will begin in mid-May. 

Issue More Visas Than Last Year

The visa interviews this year will begin in mid-May and are hoping to issue student visas to more than 62,000 students. Last about 62,000 student visas were issued and the authorities have envisioned surpassing the number this year is what minister-counsellor for consular affairs at the US embassy in Delhi, Donald L Heflin said. 

Second Or Third Chance

Donald also stated that the F-1 student visa applications from India are likely to get a second or third chance if their visas don’t get approved the first time. The policy change this year focused on giving first-time students a chance before rather than students who had their chance and got rejected earlier. He said the authorities found the best way to safeguard genuine applicants is to block the students who were rejected visas earlier. 

2022 Is The Year Of Hopes

International students are given an F-1 visa which allows them to enter the States and study in a university or college on a full-time basis. The Institute of International Education had realised a report earlier which showed a 13% drop in the number of Indian students studying in the US for the year 2021-2022. The drop was because of the outbreak of Corona. But this year both the students and universities are very hopeful. 

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