US Woman Takes Weekly Flights From South Carolina To New Jersey As Airfare Is Cheaper Than Rent

by Shreya Rathod
US Woman Takes Weekly Flights From South Carolina To New Jersey As Airfare Is Cheaper Than Rent

With increasing inflation, the price of every commodity is increasing — even rent! A major part of your salary goes to paying rent. Moreover, the rent is influenced by the location. A US-based woman received an internship in a different city, and in order to save rent, she used to take a flight every week to her office! Here is her story of how she saved money on rent by commuting from South Carolina to New Jersey.

A US Woman Takes Flight To Her Internship!

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Credits: Sophia Celentano/ Instagram

Every week, Sophia Celentano, a 21-year-old intern at Ogilvy Health, takes a flight to her workplace. This decision was made since it turned out that plane tickets were less expensive than renting a home in New Jersey.

When she received an internship offer, she contrasted living with her parents and taking a weekly low-cost trip with the cost of renting an apartment in Parsippany or New York for the summer. The average rent for a studio in Parsippany is approximately $1,730 per month, whereas the average price in New York is more closely related to $3,500, according to data from and Renthop. According to CNBC, this does not include bills like utilities, food, gas, and other fees.

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She Shares Her First Day Of Internship

In a LinkedIn post, she shared a TikTok on the first day of her internship. She described how her mornings were on days when she travelled by plane from South Carolina to the workplace in New Jersey. Further, she mentioned in the video how her commute has a huge positive financial impact on her.

She took a $100 round-trip ticket from South Carolina to New Jersey on the one day a week she had to go to work rather than paying more than $3400 a month in rent (the new average for leases in Manhattan). She also had more lifestyle flexibility thanks to her unconventional commute, and she truly looked forward to her weekly escapades.

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People are praising her for creating work opportunities and chasing her dream. However, a user wrote that he wanted to know why she was looking at apartments in Manhattan while the work is in New Jersey, where rent is far cheaper.

Cover Image Courtesy: Sophia Celentano/ Instagram