Char Dham Reveals Closing Dates Of Portals Ahead Of Winter

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by Tania Tarafdar
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Uttarakhand has been taking many steps to ensure hassle-free entry to the state for the visitors. In yet another step, to ease things for tourists. The Uttarakhand government increased the number of pilgrims allowed at the Char Dham shrines- Kedarnath Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri daily. However, portals of the shrine of Gangotri will close for winter on November 15 followed by Yamunotri and Kedarnath on November 16 and Badrinath on November 19.

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E-Pass Mandatory For All Pilgrims

The limit of pilgrim per day allowed has been increased in all four shrines. However, a pilgrim will have to apply for the e-pass which will be issued on the basis of availability of food, accommodation, toilet and other arrangements, including social distancing. The e-pass has been made mandatory following increased footfall of pilgrims after Unlock- 5. Pilgrims Return To Ganges And Char Dham Yatra Begins As Lockdown Eases.

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Number Of People Visiting Kedarnath Daily Increased To 3,000

The limit of visitors to Badrinath per day has been increased to 3,000, and the same number of pilgrims will be allowed in Kedarnath. On the other hand, 900 pilgrims will be permitted at Gangotri and visitors at Yamunotri has been fixed at 700. Earlier, the number of pilgrims allowed at Kedarnath was 800 1,200 for Badrinath, 600 for Gangotri and 400 for Yamunotri respectively.


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No Negative COVID Test Report Required

Just recently, the state government had relaxed a primary guideline. They exempted pilgrims from carrying COVID negative test report to visit the Char Dham shrines. While the footfall is less this year due to the pandemic, more than 38 lakh pilgrims travelled to the four shrines last year. Uttarakhand Travel Update: Interstate Bus Services Resumes After 6 Months. 

However, we would still recommend staying home and staying safe. If you must travel, be sure that you take all the necessary precautions.

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