Varanasi’s Gadauli Dham Gets Dressed In 5 Lakh Diyas To Mark Tulsi Vivah

Gadauli Dham
by Shreya Ghosh 263

It was a wonderful one-of-a-kind experience to celebrate Tulsi Vivah in Gadauli Dham on November 5, 2022. To celebrate the auspicious festival of Tulsi Vivah, thousands of devotees lit almost 5 lakh diyas in Gadauli Dham on Saturday. They gathered here to celebrate the occasion and to mark the festival of Tulsi Vivah. It was a magnificent sight to witness lakhs of earthen lamps glittering together at the same time.

Varanasi’s Gadauli Dham Gets Lit Up In 5 Lakh Diyas!

Sunil Oza took to his official Twitter account to share a beautiful video of celebrating Tulsi Vivah at Gadauli Dham on Saturday. He uploaded the video with the caption, ‘A snippet from #Deepotsav & #TulsiVivah at #GadauliDham yesterday. If you are visiting Varanasi, do visit and soak in the boundless energy of #BaleshwarMahadev , witness the efforts based on Gau, Ganga, Gaurishankar!!’

The sight looked absolutely stunning with 5 lakh earthen lamps surrounding all over Gadauli Dham in Varanasi. Lakhs of diyas spread on the huge area of land looked like a visionary. People stayed there and witnessed the glory of such an unbelievable experience.

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Several photos and videos of 5 lakh diyas were shared on different social media platforms. Netizens enjoyed and loved watching something so pretty. The pictures of earthen lamps look so beautiful and we can only imagine how alluring the visuals of the ambience looked live.

Do you know why is Tulsi Vivah celebrated? There are many significances of this Hindu festival. If you are interested to know about this auspicious occasion, keep reading till the end!

What Is Tulsi Vivah Festival?

Tulsi Vivah is a Hindu festival and is a grand celebration signifying the change in season. Devotees celebrate it at the end of the monsoon season. This auspicious occasion is the wedding of the Goddess Tulsi with amla and this wedding ceremony marks the beginning of the wedding season among Hindus. Also, the Tulsi Vivah festival shows the starting of new crops.

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Have you ever celebrated the Tulsi Vivah festival?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Sunil Oza (@sunilozabjp)