Video Of Flight Attendant Using Unconventional Ways To Demonstrate Instructions Goes Viral

by Mrunal Mahajan
Video Of Flight Attendant Using Unconventional Ways To Demonstrate Instructions Goes Viral
A video of a flight attendant from WestJet Airline went viral when he used the most quirky way to give safety instructions on the plane. He made the most hilarious gestures and actions. The travellers on the plane burst out laughing seeing him do funny things while the instructions were given.
When you travel by plane, you barely notice any flight attendants and let’s agree that most of us try to ignore these instructions. But if you have a flight attendant like him, then sit back and have the time of your life as you won’t need any other source of entertainment after you see him give instructions. This is the most creative way to get attention from the travellers and get them to listen to you.
flight attendant
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This video of the attendant vent viral on all the social media platforms and made everyone’s day. A lot of people tweeted saying ‘Message to all coaches: make your work engaging!.’ Everyone on social media platform is loving this guy and are appreciating him for adding a little humour to his mundane job which makes his as well as the traveller’s day.

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Many others have said that WestJet’s employees and staff is hilarious and lighten the mood of travellers and make their journey fun-filled quite literally.


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And this is not the only incident when the staff of WestJet airline was helpful, but travellers have tweeted stories appreciating the staff and their willingness to help their customers. Here is another example.

Sometimes we find rude staff who just isn’t ready to help you out but if more and more people are like this flight attendant, they voila! Life is good.