Villagers Of Bihar Turn Barren Land Into Lush Green Forest

by Mrunal Mahajan
Villagers Of Bihar Turn Barren Land Into Lush Green Forest

11,500 villagers of Samastipur in Bihar pledged to turn their flood-affected area into a lush green forest. So far they have planted approximately 17,000 fruit trees. They want to turn their badly affected village into an eco-friendly place to stay. Prem Shankar Singh who is the head of the village Panchayat is behind this initiative and has been standing strong to fight for the green cover of their state.

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Green covers are the essential part of any city, they are the ones that maintain the balance in the ecology.  The recent floods in Bihar and other parts of the country have devastated the lives of people. The death toll was around 130 in the state, leaving approximately 88.46 lakh people affected in different districts of the state.

Credits: India Times

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Floods completely turned the area into a wasteland. So thousands of villagers came together and stood up for their land. According to India Times, 3 large pods were dug to supply water to about 3,000 acres of land and even a 3-km-canal was built so that the water could reach the fields.

Ganga Sagar Singh, Block Development Officer of Vidyapati Nagar said “The government cannot do everything. Public participation is essential for development. This Panchayat is proof that milestones can be achieved by taking the first step. The village has proved that nothing is impossible when people work together,” reports India Times.

Credits: India Times

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To recognise and appreciate their efforts, the village was given a ‘Panchayat Empowerment Award’ as they successfully reforested the area. Apart from bringing in the forest covers, these fruit-bearing trees will bring income into the village, fishing and poultry has also started.

These efforts of the villagers will go a long way in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. Even after being affected with flood, drought, loss of life and property they managed to get back on their feet and turned a wasteland into a forest.

Come Together, Reforest, Regain The Green Cover