Violators Caught Using Single-Use Plastic Will Now Face Fine Or Jail In Delhi

by Shreya Ghosh
Violators Caught Using Single-Use Plastic Will Now Face Fine Or Jail In Delhi

India puts a ban on single-use plastic items and it is coming into action from 1 July 2022. A total of 19 products of single-use plastic such as plastic cutlery, balloon sticks, straws, and many more are getting banned across the country. Before the banning kicks in, the Delhi government announced some strict punishment for violators. The list of violators includes sellers, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors too. Anyone who does not abide by the rules will have to follow the consequences of their offence.

Delhi Government Will Take Strict Actions!

The Department of Environment of the Delhi Government warned everyone about the actions of violating the law prior to the ban. The decision of putting a ban on single-use plastic items came into action as the pile of garbage and non-biodegradable products are increasing in the landfills. And a massive city like Delhi produces a huge amount of non-biodegradable waste every single day. According to an existing report of the Delhi government, Delhi produces a humongous plastic waste of 1140 tonnes every day. And 632 tonnes of this amount comes from single-use plastic. So, the government is taking strict actions to control the piling garbage.

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Image Credits: The Science Explorer

Consequences Violators Will Face If Found Using Single-Use Plastic Items

No one will be spared from punishment if they are caught using the banned items. According to the Environment Protection Act, violators will either have to pay a fine or jail time if seen not abiding by the laws. The punitive actions will depend on the nature of the violation of the ban. The key reason behind all these rules is to control the over-piling in the landfills. Their focus is on disposing or recycling the items properly.

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Delhi environment department also said that if they find out any commodities dealing with single-use plastic items, be it manufacturing, distributing, importing, stocking, or not following the Plastic Waste Management Rules, they will close the units right away. 33 teams of the Revenue Department and 15 teams of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee will look after the proper implementation of the ban.