Viraj Ghelani Shares Video Of Sandwich With Pineapple Jam, Butter, Cheese In Ahmedabad; Thoughts?

The YouTuber shared a sandwich preparation video in a street food shop in Ahmedabad.

by Shreya Ghosh
Viraj Ghelani Shares Video Of Sandwich With Pineapple Jam, Butter, Cheese In Ahmedabad; Thoughts?

It won’t be an exaggeration or lie to say that the street food scene in most parts of India is getting a bit weird. Without a doubt, endless vendors are serving the most delicious dishes to lakhs and crores of Indians daily, but many vendors are trying to grab attention by making bizarre recipes. The famous comedian-actor-influencer Viraj Ghelani shared a video of a street food vendor making a sandwich in Ahmedabad and the ingredients were a bit unusual.

Viraj Ghelani Shared Glimpses A Cheesy Pineapple Sandwich in Ahmedabad

Viraj Ghelani Sandwich
Picture credit- Instagram/ Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

When it comes to Ahmedabad, there are many places to visit to relish delectable food. From fancy restaurants to street stalls, most places serve appetising dishes to customers. However, there is also a growing trend of adding cheese to recipes in many street food stalls. Not only in food items where cheese is needed, many vendors probably add the ingredient in every other dish.

Viraj Ghelani is having a great time in Ahmedabad currently. He has been sharing glimpses of his time in the city on Instagram. Among the many experiences he is enjoying there, one of the most uncommon ones has to be eating a sandwich from a local food stall. Viraj shared a video showing how the vendor added several ingredients to two slices of bread and made the dish.

The vendor added a layer of pineapple jam on both the bread slices. Next, he added a huge portion of butter to one slice and also grated lots of cheese on it, and placed another slice on top. Viraj shared the sandwich-making video mentioning how people use pineapple ice cream, butter, and pineapple jam in one dish. In fact, some even add pieces of pineapple at times as well.

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Cheese, Cheese & Cheese!

Viraj Ghelani Sandwich
Picture credit- Canva

From sandwiches to dosa, Ahmedabad is grabbing every foodie’s attention for its many unusual recipes. From adding ice cream to sandwiches to serving pani puri and dahi puri loaded with cheese, there are so many videos on social media showing this unusual street food scenario in Ahmedabad.

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What are your views about such street food recipes?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Viraj Ghelani (@viraj_ghelani)

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