Viral Chewing Gum-Making Video Shows Man Walking Over Gum; Netizens Say, “This Is Rubber”

An unhygienic video of a man making chewing gums barefoot is going viral.

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Chewing Gum-Making Video Shows Man Walking Over Gum; Netizens Say, “This Is Rubber”

Raise your hands if you spend hours scrolling reels on Instagram and shorts on YouTube! This is such a bad habit but unfortunately, most of us are addicted to it and can’t stop ourselves from scrolling mindlessly. While watching thousands of videos and different types of content every day, we often come across some interesting videos. And these can be considered as interesting for positive reasons and sometimes even negative or bizarre ones. Recently, we found a video claiming to show the process of making chewing gums and it is the most unhygienic video we found recently.

Video Of Making Chewing Gums Is Irking Us

Taking to Instagram, Mega fact (@_mega_fact_) shared a video showing behind the scenes of preparing chewing gums.


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A post shared by Mega fact (@_mega_fact_)

Clips of some people making chewing gum are making rounds on social media. There are several reasons behind it garnering so many views and reactions from viewers. One of the most shocking things that we found here is how they prepared chewing gums. As shown in the video, some people knead the dough-like mixture of preparing edible gums not with their hands but using bare feet. A man began the process by placing a huge amount of jelly-like dough and then another man and woman walked on it and kneaded it well. This surely looks disgusting and unhygienic. I don’t think I will ever be able to eat any chewing gum once again in my life.

In the voice-over added to the video, a man shared how these staff do not knead the jelly dough using dirty feet. No matter if they wash their foot in the best way possible, preparing any edible thing with the help of feet is not acceptable at all. Well, what do you have to say about it? Will you still continue eating chewing gum?

There are two sides to every story and looks like the same is happening with this viral video as well. The content of the video claiming to be the process of making chewing gums is drastically different from the reactions and responses of the viewers. Internet users have something else to comment on this video and interestingly, the viral clips are not from any chewing gum factory.

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Netizens Comment How It Is A Process Of Making Rubber

Chewing Gum
Picture credit- Instagram/ Mega fact (@_mega_fact_)

The video has already garnered more than 37 million views with tons of reactions and comments from Instagrammers. While the admin mentioned how it is a process to make chewing gums, Netizens pointed out that it is nothing but wrong information. Pointing out the facts and the actual procedure, they are commenting on how this is a process in preparing rubber sheets.

A comment read, “Bro it is rubber farming and not chewing gum making. Stop sharing wrong information”. Someone commented, “bro is a rubber plenty they are making rubber sheets”. Another comment mentioned, “It is not chewing gum it is a rubber bro 😂 who made this reel 😂😂”.

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What do you think of this video? Is it behind the process of making chewing gums or rubber?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Mega fact (@_mega_fact_)

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