Virat Kohli New One8 Commune Restaurant Is In Kishore Kumar’s Revamped Juhu Bungalow. Peek Inside!

by Sanmita A
Virat Kohli New One8 Commune Restaurant Is In Kishore Kumar’s Revamped Juhu Bungalow. Peek Inside!

Virat Kohli is bringing the One Commune Restaurant experience to Mumbaikars. This Virat Kohli restaurant outlet is presently being set in one of Mumbai’s iconic spots. Mumbaikars can head to Juhu to chill at Virat Kohli’s One Commune at legendary Indian singer, Kishore Da’s bungalow. With such an iconic tag, Virat Kohli is surely bringing together an ambience and a great food experience together at One Commune. And, we surely believe this place in Juhu is going to be a tremendous thing for the food enthusiast.

Chilled Vibe & Great Food: Virat Kohli Introduces One Commune Restaurant In Juhu

Singer Kishore Kumar’s bungalow is being prepped as One Commune Restaurant is soon opening in Juhu. Virat Kohli, with Manish Paul, gave a tour of the property and his plans for the Mumbai restaurant. The interiors of the bungalow have been done in a way that visitors are able to visit and casually chill at the restaurant. In the past 1 to 2 years, Virat Kohli tells that people have loved the restaurant outlets in the other cities. Additionally, the entire setup of the restaurant has been done in a way that has large open spaces, a lot of light with glass ceilings and super spacious dining areas.


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Focus On All Inclusive Food At One Commune

What sets Virat Kohli’s restaurant apart from the other venues is the fact that it has Virat’s choice of dishes on the menu, along with offerings to cater to all kinds of food enthusiasts. There are plant-based meals, vegetarian food and even seafood. As they take the tour of the Bungalow, eventually they even try the dishes that are going to be a part of the Mumbai outlet. In the video tour, Manish Paul and Virat Kohli savour his favourite dim sum and tofu steak.

From what it looks like, Virat has given a lot of thought to designing the menu of One Commune and making it more inclusive. And, that’s exactly what foodies look for.

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