Virat Kohli Will Open A New Restaurant In Kishore Kumar’s Mumbai Bungalow In Juhu

by Shreya Ghosh
Virat Kohli Will Open A New Restaurant In Kishore Kumar’s Mumbai Bungalow In Juhu

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is one of the biggest names in the history of cricket. And now he is on his way to making a mark in the food industry. He is the owner of the restaurant ‘One8 Commune’, named after his cricket jersey number, 18. Presently, One8 Commune has opened its doors in Kolkata, Delhi, and Pune, and very soon it is coming to Juhu, Mumbai. Mumbaikars brace yourselves to taste the deliciousness in some time.

Virat Kohli Leased Out Space In Kishore Kumar’s Mumbai Bungalow In Juhu

The former Indian captain surely has a lot of plans to expand his restaurant chain all around and now he is all set to launch his restro bar in the City of Dreams. According to reports, Kohli recently leased out a huge portion of the Juhu bungalow of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar, ‘Gouri Kunj’. Family members of the late singer own the Juhu’s property. And now the cricketer will launch the fourth One8 Commune in India at this premise.

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Amit Kumar, son of Kishore Kumar, confirmed all the assumptions and said that Virat Kohli has taken the space for 5 years. In conversation with the ETimes, Amit Kumar shared, ‘We have leased out the space to Virat for 5 years.’ According to this report, Kohli met Leena Chandavarkar’s son Sumeet some months ago, and the conversations to lease a portion of the property started then.

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One8 Commune Will Soon Open Its Doors In Mumbai

The restro-bar will be accessible to people any time now. Currently, the Juhu bungalow is going through some work and additions to elevate the space. As per several reports, One8 Commune will open in Mumbai by the upcoming month. In fact, it is mentioned in the Instagram bio of One8 Commune that the new branch is opening very soon, ‘Juhu, Mumbai #ComingSoon’. This will be the 4th branch of One8 Commune in India.

The space in Juhu leased by Virat was the home to another restaurant, ‘B Mumbai’ before.

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