Visa In One Touch! Here’s How To Apply Online For UAE Golden Visa & Others In Mins

by Deeplata Garde
Visa In One Touch! Here’s How To Apply Online For UAE Golden Visa & Others In Mins

Receiving UAE Golden Visa is considered an achievement in itself. And as we know, it’s an honorary moment that is awarded to skilled individuals from varied fields with successful backgrounds. But the process earlier followed protocols to obtain. But not anymore! You can now acquire a Golden visa in just one touch. Want to know how? Then keep reading for the deets!

UAE Golden Visa & Others Can Be Applied In Just One Touch!

The simplification of the process is taking us through a rollercoaster of opinions. In order to render it simpler for customers to take advantage of smart services quickly and easily to save time and effort, the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security declared the introduction of a new service. It’s called “the Comprehensive Service” for golden residency “with one touch.”

Digitisation is surely the future and in Dubai, authorities take initiatives to provide better services and lifestyles to the population.

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The One Touch Initiative Is Applicable To Many Other Documents

It implies that, as long as you satisfy the prerequisites, you can submit your golden visa application online at the click of a button through the ICP website. The new programme is not limited to holders of UAE golden visas. You can apply for services such as the issuance of visas, periodic updating of status, extension services, and more. All this at just one touch if you go to the ICP’s Smart Service website.

Let’s understand the application process:

1. Visit the official website from ICP that has been launched for One Touch Golden Residence comprehensive service.(
2. Follow the instructions, fill in personal details, and attach the requested documents.
3. Submit your application in just one touch.

P.s. the minimum salary requirement to apply UAE Golden visa has been reduced from Dhs 50,000 to Dhs 30,000. For more details visit the official ICP website or app.

These services are also available through the UAEICP app. If you are successful in getting a platinum visa, you can live there for five to ten years. This does not have to be updated every two or three years and is not linked to a specific job. Having a golden visa entitles foreigners to live, work, and learn in the nation without the help of a local sponsor.

This provides tourists and job seekers with the chance to realise their goals on the territory of the Emirates and lead secure lives.

So now if you want to renew certain crucial documents or simply want to acquire a UAE Golden visa then you need a few mins and just one touch that’s all! We will be back with more updated information regarding this service.

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