These 6 Food Joints In Kolkata Serve The Best Puchkas

by Shreya Prasad
These 6 Food Joints In Kolkata Serve The Best Puchkas

If anyone ever tells you that puchkas are the same as pani puri, golgappas or gupchups, then unfriend them instantly. A puchka is nothing like its counterparts. It is filled with the favours and the love of Kolkatta.

When in Kolkata, you don’t need to randomly run down the road for your puchka – craving. We have tried, tested and hand-picked these five best puchka food joints of Kolkata. Just open your Google Maps and check which one of these is nearest to you.

1. Dilipda’s Puchkas

Dilipda’s Puchkas is famous as the puchkawalla that serves a variety of puchkas. No matter which age group you belong to, you can never resist them. The filling of the puchkas include mashed boiled potatoes whose taste is further increased by black salt, spices, tamarind pulp and chili powder.

Address: Kavi Bhartati Sarani, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Lake Terrace, Ballygunge

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2. Vardaan Market

Puchkas in Vardaan Market is known for Krisnakant Sharma who prepares puchkas that have a distinct flavor because of his special homemade spice. Along with the mouth watering puchkas, one can enjoy the aroma of methi, dhaniya, ajwain, saunf and jeera. Though the puchkas of Vardaan Market are expensive, trust me when I say it is totally worth it.

Image Courtesy: admad

Address: No. 25A, Camac Street

3. Russell Street

With a shop that is 30 years old, you can expect nothing but perfection. And this is what the 30 year old puchkas shop of Nankuram Gupta offers to its customers. The ingredients used to prepare the puchkas here are never revealed by Nankuram Gupta. The customers are left wondering what has just pampered their taste buds.

Address: Russel St, Kolkata

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4. Chakraberia

If you are someone who can’t eat mashed potatoes in puchkas, then you should try eating puchkas in the Chakraberia area of Kolkata. The puchkas offered here are different from any of the other puchkas that you have eaten. Wondering why? It is because instead of mashed potatoes, mashed green bananas are used to prepare the puchkas. This is a famous puchka joint for the Jain community.

Image Courtesy: Cooking with Meena

Address: Chakraberia, Ballygunge

5. Victoria Memorial

There was a time when Ram Gupta use to sell 32 puchkas for just ₹1. But now with an increase in the price of his puchkas, the quality has increased too. The tamarind paste and powder which is used in the puchkas, makes it different from the puchkas available in other area. The delicious puchkas explode in the mouth and you keep the memory of its taste even when you have completely digested it.

Address: Queens Way, Kolkata

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6. Vivekananda Park

Ever heard of aloo dum puchkas and dahi puchkas? Well, you get it all at Vivekananda Park. Rumour has it that the best puchka walas in all of Kolkatta are from here. With flavours like that on offer, we don’t doubt it!

Now that you know where you can find the lip smacking puchkas, what are you waiting for? Pick a 20 Rupees note and head towards the place mentioned in the list to eat the most delicious puchkas that you have ever tasted!


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