Visit 15 Domestic Tourist Spots In A Year And Your Trip Will Be Funded By The Govt!

by Kanika Sharma
Visit 15 Domestic Tourist Spots In A Year And Your Trip Will Be Funded By The Govt!

How many of us have visited some of the most prominent spots or the most iconic locations of the country? While we save up for our trips abroad, we lose focus on exploring our own neighbouring states. But this year, you should make it a point to visit tourists spots in India. Why, you ask? Because you will be rewarded by the government for it. Here’s how! 

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What Is It?

In order to promote domestic tourism, the Government of India has come up with a new proposition. It will be rewarding travellers who visit 15 or more domestic tourist spots in a year and submit the photos of the same for their website. Along with that, the person should be visiting places that are not in the same state as their residence. Once all the conditions are fulfilled, as an incentive, they will be reimbursing the travel expenses. 

The Union Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel introduced this concept as part of the ‘Paryatan Parv’ initiative. He was also reported as saying that ‘this should not be looked at as a monetary benefit but an incentive.’

However, the Ministry recently clarified that while the details for ‘funding trips’ is yet to be finalised, but it will definitely be giving recognition to travellers who visit these 15 destinations. The selection of these lucky few will be based on random process; and the criterion for the same is yet to be decided.

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What’s More?

According to reports, the travellers who manage to visit these 15 iconic/ tourist spots in a year’s time and are able to submit the photos as well, will also be identified as ‘brand ambassadors of Indian tourism.

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Also, if you have been wanting to take up travelling as a profession, because who wouldn’t like that, the government is also offering certificate courses for that. The Ministry of Tourism will be organising certificate courses for those who want to learn to be tourist guides and take it up professionally. Furthermore, in the coming year, initiatives will also be taken to improve connectivity within the country through railway networks.

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Seems like a great year to explore the country isn’t it? Not only do you get to travel places, but also your expenses get reimbursed and you become an official brand ambassador for country’s tourism too! Start looking at those long weekends already!