Visit This Korean Restaurant In Ladakh To Relish Dakdori Tang, Dakgalbi Chicken And More

by Vinita Jain
Visit This Korean Restaurant In Ladakh To Relish Dakdori Tang, Dakgalbi Chicken And More

Snow-capped peaks, clear blue skies, arid mountains with winding rivers, and gushing falls make Ladakh a picturesque destination. Due to the mountainous terrain of Ladakh, most foods such as Thukpa, Momos, Chhang, etc. satisfy the appetite of a gourmet. However, to survive in the constant chilly weather, Korean food too is a great option. Keeping that in mind, we’ve found one of the best Korean restaurants in Ladakh. Amigo is must try Korean restaurant in Ladakh.

Amigo: A Korean Restaurant In Ladakh

Amigo is a Korean restaurant in Ladakh specifically designed for Korean food lovers. The aesthetic wooden interior, humble and generous Korean staff, and the scrumptious Korean delicacies served here make this place a must-visit. You will be amazed to know that the Korean food served here strikes a harmonious balance between flavours and taste. Along with Korean food, they also serve Asian and vegan food.

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What All Should You Try Here?

Dakdori Tang is a hearty dish of chicken and vegetables simmered in a spicy chilli sauce. The zesty flavours and pungent veggies combine to give the meal a warm and comforting feeling, perfect for cold days. Amigo serves a lavish yet scrumptious platter of Dakdori Tang with rice, stir-fried veggies, etc.

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Dakgalbi is another speciality of Amigo that is marinated in umami-rich gochujang sauce, a rich Korean-style stir-fried chicken. Chicken thighs, cabbage, rice cake, and sweet potatoes go inside this recipe. If you’ve never tried Korean food, this is the recipe you should begin with.

Well, when it comes to beating winters, sweet, fluffy, crunchy waffles are always a win-win. Amigo serves a variety of waffles topped with ice creams, sauces, etc. Also, you can pair up your waffles with a cup of hot brewing coffee.

So, when are you visiting this wonderful restaurant? To beat the chilli weather of Ladakh, head to this restaurant and relish some Korean delicacies.

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Where: Changspa Rd, Leh, 194101

Meal for two: ₹ 400- ₹1000

Cover image courtesy: Amigo Restaurant/Instagram