Visitiing Ayodhya For Ram Mandir Darshan? Add Raja Dasharatha Samadhi Sthal To Your Itinerary

Uncover the historical treasures, rituals, and cultural activities that await at the revitalized Samadhi Sthal.

by Mallika Khurana
Visitiing Ayodhya For Ram Mandir Darshan? Add Raja Dasharatha Samadhi Sthal To Your Itinerary

With the inauguration of the much-awaited Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, devotees all around the country are at the peak of their excitement. Sooner or later, we’re all going to plan a trip to Ayodhya for the darshan of Shri Ram. But is that all the city has to offer? Certainly not. In a significant move by the Uttar Pradesh government, the ‘Samadhi Sthal’ of Lord Ram’s father, Raja Dasharatha, is set to undergo a massive transformation, becoming a potential tourist hotspot in Ayodhya. 

Raja Dasharatha Samadhi Sthal’s Historic Transformation

Despite its historical and mythological importance, the site has long suffered neglect and indifference from previous administrations. According to News 18, a spokesperson for the UP government highlighted the upcoming rejuvenation project, which will be executed in multiple phases. The initial phase is scheduled to commence shortly after the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony for the idol of Lord Ram. It aims to strengthen and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Samadhi Sthal. The subsequent phase will focus on overall area development.

Reportedly, the Samadhi Sthal will host a series of programs as part of the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony on January 22. Cultural events, Ramlila performances, bhajan-kirtan by renowned artists, and various rituals will be organised to showcase Ayodhya’s revitalised heritage.

To enhance connectivity, the government also plans to widen the road leading to the Raja Dasharatha Samadhi Sthal by 24 metres, connecting it to Navya Ayodhya. Additionally, the campus will undergo expansion, beautification, and reinforcement.

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The Sacred Site To Get A 24-Metre Road Makeover

As per the News 18 reports, the priest at Samadhi Sthal Sandeep Das Maharaj highlighted the historical significance. He revealed that, after King Dasharatha’s demise, his son Bharat sought guidance from Guru Vashishtha to identify the most sacred location for the final rites. The chosen location, under Guru Vashishtha’s leadership, became the site for Dasharatha’s cremation ceremony. The Samadhi Sthal also preserves the ‘charan paduka’ of all four brothers, Pind Vedi, Guru Vashishtha’s footprints, and ancient historical weapons, along with statues of King Dasharatha, Bharat, Shatrughna, and Guru Vashishtha.

The UP government also aims to transform the Satsang Bhavan into a bhajan-kirtan venue at the Samadhi Sthal.

Cover Image Courtsesy: Ajay Dave/X and Raja Dashrath Samadhi Sthal Ayodhya/Facebook

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