Vlogger Makes Snow Ice Cream With Fresh Snow & Condensed Milk. Here’s The Verdict!

by Shreya Ghosh
Vlogger Makes Snow Ice Cream With Fresh Snow & Condensed Milk. Here’s The Verdict!

Travelling to hill stations is always a blissful experience. Surrounded by verdant greenery and the most picturesque views is simply the most magnificent journey. And the travel diaries become more exciting with snow-clad mountains surrounding you from all around. A vlogger took a trip to such an alluring destination and seeing fresh snow all around her, she decided to make some ice cream there itself. You might wonder how can someone make ice cream using only snow. Well, to find all the answers to your questions, read on!

This Food Blogger Made Snow Ice Cream In Snowy Manali!

Thakur Sisters | Food Bloggers took to their Instagram handle @nerdysisters to share a video of the process of making ice cream with snow straight from the heaps lying all around them. How did they prepare it and how was its taste? Let’s find that out here!

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The Thakur sisters went to Manali sometime back and during their holidays to this beautiful location, they attempted to make ice cream using Manali’s fresh snow. As shared in the video, the food blogger takes a bowl and scoops out a bowl full of ice. She then adds some condensed milk and a few drops of vanilla essence to the ice and finally gives everything a nice swirl using a spoon.

Was This Snow Experiment In Manali A Success?

So many flavours, chemicals, and ingredients are added while preparing our favourite dessert. Whereas, the Thakur sisters used just 3 ingredients; some snow, condensed milk, and vanilla essence. Will these ingredients be enough for a tasty bowl of ice cream? Well, the food blogger revealed in the video that everything was getting frozen very quickly. And it did not turn out to be an ice cream but more of a slurry. And if you are wondering, how did it taste, the blogger shared that it tasted like gola.

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Many Instagram users commented that it is very unhygienic to eat snow like this. So many people walk over here and many animals might have peed here as well.

Will you ever give this snow ice cream a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Thakur Sisters | Food Bloggers (@nerdysisters)