Wake Up To The Roar Of The River And Catch Sunsets Over Misty Mountains At The Forest’s Edge Tirthan

by Suchismita Pal
Wake Up To The Roar Of The River And Catch Sunsets Over Misty Mountains At The Forest’s Edge Tirthan

Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a slice of paradise with cascading streams, glorious waterfalls and emerald-green mountains. The mighty Tirthan river cuts through the mist-wrapped mountain valley, and the views are magical. The area of Tirthan Valley also comes under the Great Himalayan National Park. The Forest Edge, Tirthan, lies at the end of the lush jungle with the roaring river flowing in proximity.

The Forest’s Edge, Tirthan Is Built In Local Himachali Style

Surrounded by the verdant coniferous forest, this resort in Tirthan Valley comprises six cosy rooms and a beautiful cottage. Built in Himachali style by local artists, The Forest Edge will let you experience the charm of Himachal Pradesh. The uninterrupted valley views, the resort’s local architecture, and the soothing mountain breeze will take your breath away. Love fishing? Take a stroll to the river bank to engage in the activity. For bibliophiles, the resort comes with a huge library too. You can pick the book of your choice and get lost in the pages while relaxing on the balcony. You might even spot a majestic Himalayan leopard at a safe distance.

From The Forest Edge, you can go on treks to explore the national park and nearby waterfalls. You can take a tour of the neighbouring villages too. Tirthan Valley is dotted with many eateries that serve local snacks. You can try simple Maggi and omelette and also Himachali snacks like siddu.

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Teach The Local Kids

And if you want to add a different flavour to your holiday, you can even work for the community at the resort. From teaching the local kids and painting the walls to removing scraps from the mountain paths, you can choose the activity of your choice. A holiday in the mountains with a cause will definitely offer you a bunch of unforgettable memories.

So, when are you planning a holiday?

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Where: Village Sairopa, Tehsil Banjar, District Kullu 175123

Cost: ₹3000/night ( approx.)