Watch: Man Swings Down 8-Storey Building In 27 Sec; Netizens Say, ‘That’s Stairway To Heaven’

This video shows a man swinging down the 8-storey building instead of taking stairs. Here is what Netizens say about it.

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: Man Swings Down 8-Storey Building In 27 Sec; Netizens Say, ‘That’s Stairway To Heaven’

Taking stairs or elevators is the ideal way of climbing down the building. But have you ever seen a man swing instead of stairs? There has been a video surfacing on the Internet where you can see a man swinging down an 8-storey building.

Watch: Man Swings Down 8-Storey Building

A recent video has gone viral on the Internet, demonstrating how talent is given prominence in the social media era. The video, which was uploaded on the social media site X by user Crazyclipsonly, shows a daredevil falling to the ground in an astounding 27 seconds from the 8th storey of a structure.

A man uses just his body to swing from the ledges of each floor in the video, which has amassed an astounding 17 lakh views since it was posted on November 21. He exhibits an amazing combination of power and agility.

The courageous person is seen standing tall on the eighth floor of a multi-story building at the beginning of the video. In a breathtaking sequence that follows, he deftly falls, grasping the floor slabs as he goes, flipping around, and hanging perilously from ledges before lowering himself softly to the floor below. It’s an amazing demonstration of extraordinary athleticism that calls for incredible upper body and core strength in addition to steely nerves.

The man’s expertise is evident in the video, which has left many viewers in awe, but it has also stirred much controversy on social media. Some commend the daredevil for pushing boundaries, admiring his audacity and physical skill. Others, on the other hand, voice worries about the dangers involved and fear that such antics would inspire others to try similar things.

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There is no denying that this death-defying drop is risky, with every mistake possibly leading to a tragic fall. The conflicting reactions to the film are indicative of the continuous discussion concerning the boundary between risky behaviour and exhilarating entertainment.

Netizens Say, “That’s Stairs To Heaven!”

With his gravity-defying performance, this daredevil has undoubtedly gained attention in an era where social media can make anyone an overnight sensation. There’s no doubt about the influence this viral video has had on the internet community, regardless of whether it’s seen as an amazing sight or something to be concerned about.

Here are some reactions by Netizens:

A user commented that he has been doing the same things for many years. And a video was attached to the post.

Another user wrote that if the man continues like this, he will soon find out. One of the users stated that they are stairs to heaven, for sure.

A user cautions that it is a risky idea and one misstep and it can be a different story.

Another person recommends trying this stunt in a pool first before actually going on a risky journey.

A person comments that this is where he would slip and fall if the man was him.

A user comments that it is faster unless you end up in a hospital for 3 months after falling.

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Comment below and share your thoughts about this man and his stunt.

Cover Image Courtesy: Crazy Clips/ X (Formerly, Twitter)

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