Watch: Phones & More Items Suck Out Of Flight As Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Window Blows Out

Alaska Airlines' Boeing Co. 737 Max jet made an emergency landing at Portland after a window and a section of the plane's body broke out.

by Tejashee Kashyap
Watch: Phones & More Items Suck Out Of Flight As Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Window Blows Out

Emergency landings following a window blowout present a unique set of challenges for the flight crew. And the same followed when Alaska Airlines’ Boeing Co. 737 Max jet made an emergency landing at Portland International Airport after a window and a section of the plane’s body broke out shortly after takeoff.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing


When Alaska Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing, passengers uploaded terrifying videos of phones and other goods being sucked out. On Friday evening, a window shattered on an Alaska Airlines flight from Portland, Oregon to Ontario, California, resulting in a loss of cabin pressure and prompting the captain to make an emergency landing back at Portland International Airport.

Passengers on board heard a tremendous blast and noticed a hole in the plane’s wall where a window had blown out at 16,000 feet. The suction reportedly pulled a child sitting near the window, ripping his shirt off. Some passengers also had their phones sucked out of the plane. Due to decompression, a seat close to the window was also blasted away.

Many passengers used the plane’s breathing masks while waiting for the plane to return to the airport. The airliner had 174 passengers and 6 staff members on board. So yet, no injuries have been recorded. Alaska Airlines acknowledged the incident on X and stated that more information would be provided when it became available.

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Window Blowout Disrupts The Anatomy Of The Plane

When a window blows out, the first and most critical concern is the rapid depressurization of the cabin. The sudden pressure drop can lead to a multitude of problems. This can range from oxygen deprivation to the potential ejection of passengers or objects through the compromised window. The loss of a window can impact the aerodynamics of the aircraft, making it more difficult to maintain stability and control.

The aeroplane left Portland at 4:52 p.m. for Ontario, California, but returned shortly before 5:30 p.m. Social media videos showed passengers wearing breathing masks and sitting peacefully as the plane touched down safely.

The Boeing 737 Max is one of the world’s most popular aeroplane models, but it has also been plagued with safety concerns and controversy. In 2018 and 2019, two tragic 737 Max crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia killed a total of 346 people. While Boeing faced investigations and lawsuits, the 737 Max was grounded worldwide for 20 months, the longest suspension in aviation history.

Cover image credits: Screenshot from the video uploaded by X/John Basham

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