Watch: Viswanathan Anand Trying To Order A Subway Is All Of Us! Here’s What Netizens Say

by Shreya Rathod
Watch: Viswanathan Anand Trying To Order A Subway Is All Of Us! Here’s What Netizens Say

We love having different options to choose from. However, sometimes it can be intimidating. While ordering a Subway sandwich, you get to choose from several options from vegetables to sauces to breads. The new ‘Hotsellers’ ad featuring Viswanathan Anand is a clear depiction of everyone who is intimidated while ordering from Subway!

Watch Viswanathan Anand Sweating While Ordering From Subway!


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With the introduction of ‘Hotsellers’, a lineup of eight Subs, Subway hopes to broaden its customer base throughout the nation. The company launched a promotion with Viswanathan Anand for the Hotsellers. He is shown in the movie entering a Subway restaurant.

In fact, he has trouble with his order, working up a sweat as he tries to figure things out. He muses over the ingredients numerous times before deciding to leave the store because he can’t come up with the perfect combination. In order to give customers convenient access, the voiceover introduces the Hotsellers and describes how the Subs are available for ordering.

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Netizens React To This Hilarious Ad

Watching the chess master being confused and sweating over so many options has Netizens recall times when they were in the same position. A Twitter user stated that the purpose of this entire ad is to address the ‘intimidation’. And featuring the chess master is a hilarious way to promote the ‘Hotsellers’.

He further stated that it’s a wonderful concept to make Viswanathan Anand feel intimidated! Even more so, he exaggerated his purported consternation over the choices. Where the wording of the advertisement really shines is in framing his confusion in chess terms.

The user even mentions his experience of ordering from Subway and being intimidated. However, he has settled into a routine that includes all vegetables except tomatoes, extra olives, pickles and capsicum. Additionally, he has selected three sauces to add to his sandwich.

However, it appears that Subway India has discovered something unique about the Indian consumer. The user points out that they needed to admit that the interactive ordering process intimidated people to promote these ready-made options, which goes directly against the spirit of Subway!

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